made it

Hey everyone. we made it to kenya, internet is very expensive since we are not “members” so will not be able to do updates often. We bought a phone today… I am going to guess that my number is 738574833 but not sure. but also if anyone calls… that number does not include the country/area code, might have to google that one. but we got to go. everything is wonderful so far.

2 thoughts on “made it

  1. so far so good with the blog. turns out internet was cheaper than we thougt.. thought it was 20 shillings per minute because the sign says 20/= not sure how that translates but it was actually only that per 10 minutes so yay! but now we have internet on our laptop with a little thing that plugs in the computer in the usb port or whatchamacallit and it was surprisingly cheap! so hope to be posting a couple nights a week before bed.

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