Back at Kawangware, preparing to head back to USA

(Post by Loura, my Mom)
We have had an awesome few weeks back here at Bible Baptist in Kawangware!! We have taught, done alot of crafts, sang a lot of songs, shot some hoops, jumped some rope, worshipped with the kids, worshipped with the teachers and worshipped with the family! We finally got to meet the rest of Pastor Edward and Alice’s children last weekend. They took us to meet their two oldest daughters at their universities and we had a great visit with them. Their oldest son, Stephen, had been home from High School previously to visit. So we have finally met them all!!! They are a great family!

In eleven days, we will be home. Today we said goodbye to most of the kids at Bible Baptist. We will see some of them tomorrow… some come on Saturday, but they have a Friday worship and Jenni and I got up to speak today and could hardly say anything because we were both crying. We just love them all so much!! We will be returning to Kayole and Pastor Fred and Alice on Sunday evening to go to visit Sandota and the new building site this week. We are hoping to get by and visit Carolyn’s daughter, Emmanuella one more time! We have a few loose ends to tie up and some goodbyes to say, and then we will once again cross the big pond back to America. We both have so many things and soooo many pictures to share. We made a video last week that we tried and tried to upload on this blog site in hope that everyone could feel firsthand what it was like to stand outside the Bible Baptist compound and enter its gates. We made a quick visit to a couple of classrooms, but they were empty! We walked toward the church to find Pastor Edward and Alice outside the doors, waiting on us. After introducing them, we entered the church where the kids were attending their weekly worship and testimony time. It is a beautiful and precious time! I really wanted everyone to hear their beautiful voices!! It would make you cry! It is like the sound of angels. It really is! BUT, we just could not get that video to upload, no matter how hard we tried. We tried to email it to Pastor Jeff, and even tried getting it onto face book, but it would go nowhere!! So I guess it is to be shared later!!

We miss you all! We will miss our sweet Kenya children and our Kenya families, but we are now ready to be home. Leaving is hard and we hate, hate saying our goodbyes, but we are ready to come home and rest a bit and then get hard to work!! Like I said, we have much to share and there is so very much to be done. I hope that everyone is ready to roll up their sleeves, again, and get in there with us on this!!

Kwaheri !!Loura

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