It’s been a while (Update)

Well, It has been a while since I’ve posted, so here is an update and summary of the last year and a half since the last trip to Kenya.

If you read the earlier posted, you know that while in Kenya in 2010, I got engaged to an amazing man named Tim Jarvis. We got married on June 4th, 2011. We were hoping to return to Kenya as our honeymoon and then go visit everyone from past trips but flights were just way to expensive and as you know, weddings aren’t too cheap, and neither is living on your own. Welcome to the real world of bills, buying groceries, and no money! But I love it and couldn’t be happier… actually… we could because… We are dying to go back to Kenya. Tim is currently a teacher at Maryville Christian School, and I am at LMU trying to wrap up my last year in Nursing. God willing, I will graduate in May!!! I am getting a little impatient as time is going by so slow, but I am ready to hop on a plane and get back to Kenya. Tim and I both feel led to missions. I mean, that is how God brought us together. I went to Kenya for 2 months in 2009 and staying with a beautiful family and volunteered in local school and worked with the children in the safe house. When I got back, I worked at an after school program for kids, where Tim came to visit (he used to work there) and that was the first time we met. So he started emailing me about my trip to Kenya. He said he always felt led to do mission work but wasn’t sure of the direction God was calling him in. Some people from his church had been to Brazil which sparked his interest, but he didn’t feel like it was quite where God wanted him. We started a email Bible study together, encouraging each other and praying for each other, soon enough we started dating. The following year he went to Kenya. We were both there but he was with a team, where Mom and I were in Kawangware working under another organization. But I did get to go work with his team in Maasai land in Lerujat for about 2 weeks which is where we got engaged. Well I’m getting a little off topic. So back to my point-We want to be used as a vessel, for Jesus to allow little ole’ us to be used as His hands and feet. To show the left behind and forgotten orphans and children what love is, so that they may understand love, so that they can learn of the love of Jesus Christ- which is so much deeper and greater than ours could ever be. So this summer, we are working on going back to Kenya on an open ended flight… meaning we don’t know when exactly we will come back. We are thinking of one day having an orphanage and a clinic, but we will see how it all unfolds once we get there. So we have a lot of work in front of us, God is continuing to open and close doors right before our eyes. He has been encouraging us and putting people in our lives that we are so thankful for. Waiting to see whats next.

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