We are in Haiti visiting Reach Haiti Ministries! Arrived Sunday afternoon! Things are going very well, we visited the children’s home, and loved the beautiful and sweet kids and got some great ideas from their compound for Kenya! I nursed  and bandaged some cuts and small wounds at the children’s home and kissed many faces! Tonight we went to go show the Jesus film in one of the tent villages … but the speaker was broken and the DVD player was messed up, but that didn’t stop anyone from sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! The RIO group is here right now with us and they brought some amazing testimonies and shared the message and saw several people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Haiti reminds me a lot of Kenya, with long bumpy dirt roads, crowded streets, kids yelling “white person” in their language, the types of buildings and the slum areas, the food, all so similar.

More coming soon!

One thought on “Haiti

  1. Mechelle McCampbell

    Glad to hear you arrived safely. Praying for God’s continued leadership and guidance in your journey.

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