Always Enough

” Rachel, one of our helpers, found Beatrice walking along the road, weak, grotesque and almost dead. She might have been ten or eleven at the time, but it was hard to tell. Her belly was big and bloated. Flies attracted to fluid crawled around her infected eyes. Open, running sores twisted her face. Her feet were full of worms. Lice and scabies covered her. No one wanted to get near her anymore. She had been raped many times, and her mother was dead. Her father was an abusive, uncaring alcoholic. He lived in a hut, so consumed with his own misery that he was oblivious to the suffering of his only child. Beatrice took refuge alone under trees. She was losing her struggle for survival. When I saw her, my heart broke. I felt an overwhelming love for this wounded child. I saw Jesus in her eyes when I looked at her. I held her close and brought her home. Rachel and I got lice and scabies, too, but that didn’t matter. More important was holding Beatrice close and letting her know she was valued and loved. She so desperately needed to be touched, cherished, and hugged. Our daughter Crystalyn just ten at the time, said, “Mom, Jesus wants Beatrice to have my best dress.” She gave Beatrice her most delicate dress, flowered, with lovely puff sleeves. Beatrice treasured that dress and wore it until it was threadbare. Beatrice responded to the Lord instantly with tears flowing down her deformed face. She was so delighted to know that Jesus loved her, that we loved her and that she wouldn’t be raped anymore or live another night on the streets. Doctors said she probably wouldn’t live, but she did. The Lord healed her and in six weeks she was completely whole.” Always Enough – Heidi Baker

This is what its all about.

I am reading this book right now while sitting in Haiti. Such an amazing book. God is so good and sovereign and full of love and its so exciting that we get to be a small part of His plan. I’m about a third of the way through and I just feel so encouraged and motivated and God has my cup running over and I’m ready to run!

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