day 1

Well we safely made it to Nairobi, Kenya. We bought phones yesterday and I am posting updates right now via the phone so it’ll be short and sweet. 🙂

We had a wonderful time when we arrived to our friends childrens home outside Nairobi. We got there about midnight and stayed up to chat with some of the older kids till about 2am. We had some good ole Chai tea and eggs for a late night snack. 🙂

Yesterday, Saturday, we spent the way early morning playing soccer and jump rope with the older kids until they went on a walk to stop child abuse and child labor. Then we spent most of the day playing with the four youngest boys. Ages 1 to 4. What a blessing! It was so much fun. We played with sidewalk chalk for several hours! They loved it. Later on we were able to go to town for phones. We arnt able to get internet on our laptop yet but hopefully soon so i can do a better update and add pictures!

We head to kisumu this afternoon to join up with Willis and United Hope!

Amother update soon!

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