First full day in Kisumu

Monday- August 6th, 2012

We are having a good time in Kisumu with the kids and are beginning making friends with the staff. We are going to town tomorrow to get materials to begin construction to build a small 1 room tin house and another classroom for the kids. We’ve been playing with the kids all morning. They welcomed us very kindly and sang worship songs and danced with praise. We are going with Willis to visit and pray with widows later this evening in their homes. The people here have been so kind and welcoming. There are so so so many needs here. SOOOO many. but regardless of the needs, the kids are joyful and cherish the little they have. And they praise the Lord!

We gave out all the toothbrushes and toothpaste this morning. None of the children had toothbrushes. It was so fun and funny to demonstrate how to brush, spit, and rinse. Especially since we can’t speak Swahili or their mother tongue, we just had to demonstrate with motions and gestures. I wish i had pictures of them brushing but since we were demonstrating we only have pictures of them showing off their pearly white teeth! I promise to post pictures soon. Maybe in the next 2 or 3 days we can get internet on the laptop.

We also gave out 2 of the soccer balls and some jump rope. They enjoyed it soo much. Please keep them and us in your prayers. Pray that we will be courageous, energetic, obedient, and for our relationships with the Lord to be ever growing and that we will see where He’s guiding and directing us and allow him to continue molding us. Thank you all for the support. And thank you New Hope – Hands of Faith for the toothbrushes, balls, and rope!!

Tim and Jenni


(its been 2 days since I wrote this, I have a lot weighing on my heart and on my mind. So much more to write soon.)

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