Please pray for us as Tim starts meeting with about 10 to 15 local pastors every Wednesday for training and discipleship. We feel that there is a lot to teach. Many of the pastors don’t have Bibles, and I only noticed maybe 2 of the church members out of maybe 30 had a Bible. How can a pastor lead the flock if he doesn’t have the most important tool? And how can the followers study and learn more and ensure that the preachers are leading in the right direction, or read further into what was taught if they don’t have a Bible? From talking to Willis, we were told that the preachers are expected to teach a certain topic. And I noticed that the topic every Sunday for the short message seems to be ‘tithe, give your money.” I believe that it is important to tithe and give to the local church body, but for this to be the main message they are sending out doesn’t seem right. Some of our local missionary friends informed us that the main Gospel that’s preached around here is “give your money and be blessed, get baptized and  you’ll go to heaven.” Well as you know, that’s not the the whole story, its not even the most crucial part of it.Seems that many churches have turned into businesses. So just pray for Tim as he begins meeting with the pastors every week.

Also please pray for the kids and the nightly devotional.

And since many of the men will be meeting with Tim, many of the women asked if they could come too, and when they said no, you could see they felt left out and they wanted to learn also. So Tim and Willis asked me if I’d be willing to meet with the women once a week for a small group Bible study, which I think is a wonderful idea, however, It makes me nervous and I feel so inadequate to do it. But I know that God is able!! Tim has materials and a book he is going to go through with the pastors, but I don’t have anything, just my Bible, my brain, and my God. So please pray that He’ll guide me into what to study and what to teach.

Thank you all, we love you guys, and appreciate all your support and prayers!

5 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Mechelle McCampbell

    Anything from God’s word will be new and challenging for these women. There is so much to draw from that they can use and learn about Christ. The Old Testament accounts of Daniel and Joseph and the New Testament Gospels and letters from Paul. What a great opportunity God has given you. He will lead you. You can trust in that! Can’t wait to hear the results!

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