2 new kids, and updates!

2 new kids, and updates!


We have two new children at the orphanage. One came last week as his father chased him away. The father suddenly came to believe that he’s not his son, but that his wife had an affair many years ago, and this boy must belong to another man. So the boy was chased away. He had heard about United Hope and came here to seek a place to stay. He’s about 14 years old. I just can’t imagine raising a child for 14 years, and then chasing him away, even in those circumstances. And then there is a young girl who was brought here yesterday. She was left alone in Kisumu and the mother never came back for her, they say she was abandoned. A local woman took her in and cared for her, and waited for the mother to come back for her. But the mother never came back, so the woman brought her here because she could not keep up with caring for her. And she also has a rash all over her body, and I’m thinking it might be measles. So I ask that you please pray as we make room for more in the crowded dorms, and for them to feel welcomed by the kids and by us, and that they’ll feel loved and cherished and learn about the Father’s great love.

Also, I met a boy this week that I’ve wanted to meet for a while. His name is Brian. He is almost 3 years old we think. His mother died and the father left him and doesn’t want anything to do with him because he is different. He is a beautiful boy as you can see in the pictures, but he can’t walk or talk. His legs work, he can move them and stand with assistance but he can’t walk. He appears to have like zone out seizures every few minutes where he stares off, his face goes blank, and his eyes shake. I’m not sure if he has some type of seizure disorder or some type of epilepsy or something. But he used to stay here at United Hope but they had to hire a care taker just for him because he cannot be left alone and needed 24 hour care. They could not afford to keep him, so they had to find his grandmother and beg her to keep him, and just have him under home based care/support. The grandmother has to spend all her time with Brian and is unable to work. I would really love to see if we could take him to be tested and get him on some type of medication to possibly stabilize the seizures. He is really in need of a sponsor.

The pastor’s conference Wednesday went well! There were 17 pastors that came and are eager to learn the truths and be trained. Tim was just planning on doing every Wednesday, but may end up moving it to twice a week to try to get through the material before we have to head back. Tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to a different church than we’ve been going to the last few weeks. But it’s a sister church. Tim will be preaching again.

Our house is finished! We hope to get moved in tomorrow or Monday. Then Willis and his family can move back into their house. They have been living in a classroom the last few weeks. We told them they didn’t need to do that, but they said that they couldn’t have it any other way. They are too sweet. Then when we leave to come back to the states, some of the older girls will take over our room to free up some space in the girls dorm.

Oh we had a hail storm this week! I didn’t know they had hail even on the equator of Africa! But I guess it’s cold season and we aren’t far from a lake so I guess it makes it possible!

We gave out the little washcloths to the kids yesterday that we got from Hands of Faith at church! They were so excited!! We even had enough to give the mommas/staff one which they really appreciated.

Thanks to the help of family and friends in the states, the kids will be getting uniforms for school! We got the fabric yesterday and they will start sewing them on Monday. School starts back September 5th. I’m really excited and I know the kids will be! Most of the kids at the orphanage don’t have uniforms. The young children attend school here at United Hope, but the older kids go away to a different school. None of them have uniforms other than the 3 or 4 sponsored kids and then the older kids that go to a different school and would be kicked out if they showed up without a uniform. They I know the rest of them will be excited to finally be getting a uniform!

And as I finish typing this, Tim says, “what’s that?”…. on the wall… there’s a tarantula… ughh. This was the biggest one we’ve seen so far. It rained again today… and I guess the rain brings them in. It was black and hairy and about 3 ½ inches long. Yuck. Sorry for Tim’s friends that have ‘em as pets, but it had to be killed.



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