Can’t wait for swimming!

We are so excited! We booked a bus today and are taking all the kids and workers at the orphanage to a swimming pool in town Thursday. It’s about an hour from where we are at. Its part of a hotel that agreed to let all 50 of us to come for about a dollar a person! Yay! Most of the kids have never been in town or in a vehicle unless we took them to the hospital. So it should be fun! And we’re also gonna feed them peanut butter & jelly sandwiches!! Which is also a new thing for them! Plain bread is such a treat to them, and Willis says he knows they will love the sandwiches. It should be fun! I can’t wait! We haven’t told the kids about it yet, it will be a surprise when the bus arrives to pick us up Thursday morning. None of the kids have a bathing suit so we are all just going to wear our clothes, which is actually pretty common here. I can imagine that maybe we’ll spend most of our time in the shallow end convincing the kids its okay to get in the water and trying to teach them how to swim. They might not know what to think! Please pray for good weather and a safe and fun trip and that no one will get sick before then! Right now we don’t have any sick kids! Only two with some boo boos and one of the workers is sick. So we hope she is better before we go so she can go and enjoy also. I’ll post pictures of it later!!

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