Kids day out!

So we took all the kids out on Thursday!

Swimming was such a blast, the kids were so excited and all smiles and loved splashing eachother and crawling around in the kiddie pool!! Unfortunately, the sun was only out for about the first 30 minutes or so before the clouds came in and brought a cool breeze. The kids started getting cold (they get cold super easy here because they are so used to the hot hot heat!) so they started getting out one by one. I felt so bad for their shivering little bodies! It probably would have been a better idea to wait and take them in another month or so but school will have started back and they’ll be too busy. But I still think they really enjoyed it!

We then took them out back for a picnic with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and SODA!! Which was such a treat. And they seemed to really enjoy the PB&J, we were just a little worried they wouldn’t know what to think but they ate ’em right up!

Since the pool was such a quick trip, and we had booked the bus all day and didn’t wanna head home just yet, we wanted to take them somewhere else, so we took them to an animal game park, basically like the zoo!  Tim and I stayed back and let them all go in because they wanted to charge the white people not just double the amount, but 28 times as much as they were charging the kids and staff. LOL. So we decided we’d just let them go and we’d wait on them up the road and get some tea. Willis said that they seemed to really enjoy seeing all the animals! They got to see almost every one in there except for a select few before an ugly storm flew in and we all headed home.

The day didn’t quite go as planned, but I think the kids enjoyed it a lot and know that we love the snot out of ’em . And we are blessed that we didn’t get as bad of a storm while we were out as we did back at the orphanage. We got home and like all of Ombeyi and Miwani where we live was flooded. Like there were rivers and lakes that were created. All the houses and dorms had like an inch of water in a couple of the corners, and even one of our  storage building on the compound blew apart and fell down, and then the power went out… for 2 days! But luckily no one was hurt here, the building that fell was rarely used (as it was already trying to fall apart), and the kids continued to sing praise songs all through the night. We had been teaching them the song we do in VBS back home. “Hallelu hallelu hallelu hallelujah!! – Praise ye the Lord!!” So they had finally got the hang of it and we had fun singing at the top of our little lungs!  The tune isn’t quite right, but it sounds beautiful! 😉

It takes forever to upload pictures on this slow internet on the blog, but for some reason facebook will do it faster… so be looking for the pool pictures and I’ll get Willis’s pictures from the zoo and post the on Facebook soon!

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