Urgent Letter from our partner in Kenya


Please read the following letter from our Kenyan partner. If you wish to assist in any way, please contact us at Jarvis@worldim.com

Thank you and God bless


Greetings Beloved Brothers and Sister in Jesus Mighty Name ,

I conquer that pictures weighs more volumes than words. I’ve shared with you recently about the flood disaster that has left many families displaced and even swept some lives in Kenya. The situation continues to worsen and since Monday, many families around my surrounding and community have been living in cold water inside their houses .

The roads are impassible and some families are forced to cook by the the dry road side since their houses are flooded.

Today morning as i was visiting, giving encouragements and providing Aid (food), i heard scaring stories of how the flood has affected the families. Some of the families have been living with Wilde animals bought by flood i.e snakes inside their houses, Toilets have overflown, spreading the waste materials directly to the houses and boreholes and wells .

Majority of the children and very old widows are currently sick due to hardship, lack of food and medicine. many of the children and widows are suffering from Malaria and running stomach.

United Hope International is exercising its call through saving lives and restoring hope to the hopeless. I appeal to you for your prayers and love Support to enable us buy food, medicine, mosquito nets, children’s’ clothes, blankets which are urgently needed and even help some widows rebuilt their houses that have collapsed due to the flood. Many pit latrines are currently overflowing directing wastes to the wells and boreholes, we also need support to treat and disinfect more wells around the community to prevent water borne diseases. Among the attached photos you’ll see myself standing in front of the pit latrine covered by iron sheet with a gentle man wearing Black t-shirt.

In some of the attached photos you’ll be able to see food being supplied to the affected victims and in addition to that you’ll also be able view how the flood has affected the body of Christ.

Blessings and Hope to hear from you

Executive Director

United Hope International


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