update, still in Nairobi

This is actually an email we just sent to someone.  Thought it was easiest to just copy and paste it here for anyone else that would like a quick update also.  


Just wanted to give you a little update.  We are still in Nairobi dealing with work permit stuff.  We have now completed the paper work and gathered all the documents and we have a friend of a friend that is going to turn them in and try to push them through. He will submit them on Monday.  And then we head to Kisumu on Wednesday to join Willis. 


We are very thankful that we made it safely here and Keelyn has done so good adjusting so far. He does have a snotty nose but hopefully it’s just adjusting to the weather changes or dusty roads.  No fever or anything else.


It is rare to see white people,  but most people have never seen a white baby, so they are so fascinated with Keelyn.


We had a great service this morning at one of Pastor Freds sister churches in a near by slum. Tim preached and we enjoyed the awesome worship and fellowship.  God is so good.


We miss you guys a ton.  We can’t tell you thank you enough for all you do and all the support and encouragement. 


We love ya.


Tim Jenni and Keelyn

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