A home

As an advocate for the kids, we feel the need to do things we aren’t always comfortable with. I hate asking for money. As much as I see people post on Facebook about how they hate having to give their hard earned money to people on welfare, “my money is MY MONEY” type of things, I almost hate asking for people to give money toward these 36 orphans that have become our children. But what choice do I have? These kids deserve a house. Not to live in a metal shack their whole lives. They deserve a place where the mosquitoes can’t get in as easily, where they don’t get malaria the usual once or twice a month. They deserve a place to call home, a place with security, a place to enjoy and be able to have a place to study and do homework, and just be kids. 22 girls living in one room with bunk beds crammed together in a metal sheet room isn’t exactly idealistic. The same for the boys, 14 in one room. So we have this plan. And I am hoping and praying about our family and friends and strangers becoming friends that have also loved and prayed for these children, and the new ones that will begin. We first had some blue prints put together about a year and a half ago. So far, there’s a little more than $15,000 in the account for the building fund. Our goal is $105,800. That would a two story building with each floor having four units, for a total of eight units. Each unit would be like its own house or apartment, having two bedrooms and a living room. That means that we could have 4 children per unit, or 2 children per bedroom, with a live in “momma” in each unit. And that leaves plenty of room so we can welcome more children in the future if needed. But even if we can’t get the $105,800 right away to build it all, we can do it in phases. Because even 8-10 children in each unit is still a lot better than the rooms they are sleeping in now. So each unit is going to cost roughly $13,225. If we can just start off building the first floor, we need about $53,000. That means we only have $38,000 more to go. It sounds like a lot, but I believe it’s possible with a little help. Can you give a little, every bit counts? Can you spread the word? Maybe you have a garage full of stuff you can sell, maybe an old car that hasn’t been driven in years, or some sports equipment you haven’t used in years, or that sofa or bike you have in storage, I don’t know. I know, I feel like I am asking a lot. I almost decided to delete this whole message, but I didn’t because of those kids. They are counting on us and on you. We are their advocate. They don’t have their parents here to fight for them and to provide for them. And I know if my son lost us, I would sure hope that someone would care and provide for him the way that I also would have wanted to provide for him. I will just be praying for hearts and mountains to be moved. And I ask that you also pray and take action. I know you might not know these kids, and it’s hard to dedicate time and money into somebody you don’t know. But just let me tell you, these are great kids. The sweetest. They can make you smile with their simplest goofy grin, they dance and sing, they pretend to be police or taxi driver or cooks, they gather fire wood and help cook and wash, and they go to school all day and study hard, they work harder than any kids I’ve ever known, they can warm your heart and fill it up so full, and then some days they can break it, because theirs is also broken, but it’s amazing to see how far they have come and how much they are growing in so many different ways. Please believe me, they really deserve it!

Our email is jarvis@worldim.com if you have any questions

To GIVE, please visit worldim.com/give and there you will see donation options. For the building fund, please use #5266 as the place to designate your funds.

Thank you for your heart for these children.


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