Team Post

In the past, we have had family visit us here in Kenya, but now we have been hosting our first team here in Kenya the last two weeks! And it has been great! We have all been busy spending time with the kids, loving on them, giving them gifts, and teaching them about the love of Christ and sharing Bible stories. They brought each of them a new shirt, jump ropes, games and many treats!! The team did a mini VBS at Trans Star School here at United Hope.We hosted a big Kids Rally for all the kids in the community and had over 300 children come and worship and hear the Good News. We went and visited with widows, bringing them company, encouragement and a grocery bag. One of the widows is in her 80’s and gave her life to Christ!! We had a beautiful baptism service on Sunday where 19 kids were baptized, some from United Hope and others are neighbors kids that come to the Children’s Church on Sundays. Oh, and the team even took all the kids on a field trip to the swimming pool and arcade last week. We have really had a good and blessed time and really enjoyed the company and friendship!! (Its always nice to be with people from home every now and then when living in a foreign country.)  The team has their last day with the kids tomorrow then they leave on Thursday. We sure will miss them! And we appreciate all that they’ve done, they’ve worked very hard! And thank you to everyone back home that made it possible for them to come and helped them get stuff together for the trip! We are thankful for the way the Lord orchestrated everything, and for His Spirit moving in and through those that taught and those that listened.

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