Update from Tim

Hope you are doing well. We are doing fine here in Kenya. It’s been very hot and dry since we’ve been back, but I think the rainy season is soon approaching. The last couple of weeks it’s rained once or twice during the night. Most of you back home are on the opposite end with all the snow and cold weather. Maybe we can trade a few degrees.

We just wanted to give an update of what’s happening here. If you keep up with us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen an update here and there. This week Geophrey and I went to visit one of the pastors we have been training. He wanted us to come visit the school he started last year. They are currently meeting under a few trees, but are hoping to build a few classrooms once they have the funds. While we were there Pastor Silas fed us in his house. It was just Geophrey and me in the house. Then this young man named Charles came in and joined us. We began talking to him and he said he went to church but wasn’t born again. (In Kenya there are many different beliefs in how this happens) So Geophrey and I shared the gospel with him and he made a profession of faith. We are praying it produces fruit. Pastor Silas has committed to disciple him. Praise the Lord! I believe our paths crossed for a purpose. Things just lined up perfectly for us to meet. Always be ready and willing to share the gospel and your faith with any/everyone.

We are still training two groups in a village called Kibigori. It about 30 minutes from the orphanage. Pastor Silas has started to take over these groups to continue the training. We were able to purchase Pastor Silas a bicycle through a generous donor. Now he is able to travel further and faster. He has been awesome and so faithful. We are very thankful for him. We have also started a new group in a close village called Masogo. Eventually Pastor Silas will take over here since it’s near his village. We are also praying for more faithful men who are able to teach and lead to rise up. It seems like every week someone new comes to our meetings from a different village asking us to bring these “new teachings” to their people. Sadly we can’t go everywhere at once. This is why we need more faithful men to teach. Pastor Silas is just now at a point where he can teach on his own. We’ve been with him for almost two years now. There are so many false teachings in the church today it’s sad. When you find one person who desires the truth it can take time to replace the false teachings with the truth. Last week we visited three new areas that possibly could turn into a training area. One we will be going back to tomorrow, which is Kissian. It’s on the other side of our city Kisumu. We want to see if there are and faithful me there to pour into. You may have noticed I keep repeating faithful men. In 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul told Timothy to teach faithful men who would be able to teach others also. So we really focus on that. We have so many wanting us to come. Some no doubt for the wrong reasons, but we soon find the ones that we be faithful. The other two groups aren’t ready yet. We are praying they will be soon.

We have had the town of Ahero on our heart for a while now. We thought of possibly planting a church there in the future. Our hopes for the church would be to train others to send out to other parts of Kenya. So it would be like the “headquarters.” We are still seeking God’s wisdom and guidance on this issue.

Other exciting news is the kids will hopefully moving in the new houses soon. Maybe in one or two weeks. Willis told me by next Friday, but in Kenya nothing is on time haha. So I think closer to two weeks. We will see. But, I know the kids are so excited. Also, Jenni is still growing. We are four weeks away for delivery. Please keep us, especially Jenni in prayer.

We love getting feedback from all of you. SOOOOO if you received this email just let us know. You can just reply to it. You can simply say “Got it” or “pickles” or just anything letting us know you saw it. We wonder sometimes if anyone ever reads these haha. Thanks again to all who pray and support us. We appreciate it so much and covet your prayers.

In Christ,
Tim, Jenni, Keelyn, and baby #2.

11 thoughts on “Update from Tim

  1. Karen Rhea

    Hello Tim & Jenni & family,

    Thank you for the updates! We are so glad to hear things are going well. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    We love you guys! Jeff & Karen

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rebekah M

    I love hearing about everything going on there! Praying for all of you. Please tell Willis, Geophrey, and all the kids hi for me! Give them my love!

  3. Greg Perkins

    Yes, I enjoy reading your e-mail and hope to meet you and your family on my next visit to Kenya (I have been there 8 times).

    If you get the chance, help me understand how you decided to go to Kenya and how my mission could get ourselves noticed. We have a great facility but are not sure how to proceed.

    Greg perkins

  4. Robert Gaines

    Pickles Tim, Jenni and younguns. We are so blessed by your mission and will continue to pray for Gods hand and wisdom on you.


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