Moving day & Requests

Well, yesterday was move in day for the kids. They moved into the first two units of the new dorms. There is still some work that needs to be done. But we were all excited to get them out of the metal sheet rooms and into the permanent housing.


Right now the girls have the unit on the left, and the boys have the one on the right. As you can see there will eventually be an upstairs. At that point, the boys will have the upstairs and the girls will have the down stairs. Then after that, we hope to be able to repeat the whole process with another building on the other side of the compound and one building be for boys, and the other building for girls. Each unit will have a live in Momma or Widow that will help in caring for them to make this more like a home setting rather than an orphanage or institution.

We moved in 17 sets of bunk beds yesterday for 40 children.

We want to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to get this far!


We are currently in need of new mosquito nets and mattresses for all the kids. There are some kids with out nets at all since they were so torn and holey, they were torn apart for bathing cloths… and others that are still using their nets, they still have tears and holes, so they are not very well protected from mosquitoes. It is now rainy season and we live in a swampy area next to rice fields and the mosquitoes have gotten really bad and malaria is going around like crazy. As for mattresses, you can see in the picture below that they are getting worn and thin. they are just foam mattresses, and these are low density foam. We would love to invest in a better quality high density foam mattress.

DSC_2564 - Copy


Mattresses are $25 each

Mosquito nets are about $11 each

We have 34 beds. However we have already received some donations towards these back at Christmas (Thank you all!), but we still need 12 more nets and 26 more mattresses!

Will you help us reach our goal or getting each child a new net and mattress? The total needed is $834!

How to donate:

To donate, Visit and select your method. fill in your donation under Jarvis #266. Or if you want to donate to the building fund, fill in your donation under Kenya Orphanage #5266. In the comments, please specify what your donation is for! Thank you!!

One thought on “Moving day & Requests

  1. tdavis421

    This is wonderful to have them in their permanent homes! Know the children and you must be excited! Congratulations on that BEAUTIFUL new bundle of JOY : )  God Bless You!   Prayers and Love, Tina and Keith

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