Seminar / Change of heart / coming home


Leader’s Seminar
Hello Everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. We just wanted to give a update about the Leaders Seminar. We had roughly 70 leaders that made the Seminar. Plus many more that came. It was such a blessing to be able to do this. I know we had well over 100 people towards the end on Sunday. Our prayer is that the leaders will stand firm on the truth. We know not all that came will do so, but our prayer is that some will have learned and will change their teaching so that they are pointing people to Jesus Christ. Thank you all who prayed over this meeting and also supported financially.


The daily schedule looked like this. Morning hours we had the seminar for leaders. Then a time for questions and a break for lunch. Next, people headed to the market to prepare for the crusade. At the end of the night there was a revival to finish. I think we ended up hosting round 40 or so people to sleep at the orphanage. Please be in prayer for all of these leaders. It is a huge battle here of false teachings polluting the church. Leaders are preaching so much about money and tithe and little about Christ. Though giving is important, it shouldn’t be the message every week, as it is making the church focus solely on money, give in order to be blessed with worldly riches, how they can gain worldly things, and rarely you hear much about Christ.


A change of heart by God alone!

I want to give praise to God over something amazing He has done. I know this seems a bit long, but bare with me. If you have been keeping up with Jenni and I since the beginning, you may remember around December of 2013 we had a rough time. The kids were apart of a church that wasn’t focused on Christ but rather on money. They were being influenced by the teachings of the church. One boy asked Jenni for money to put in the offering plate so God could hear his prayers. At that point we knew the kids were being very mislead and didn’t need to be apart of that church.

One Sunday I was asked to speak. I wasn’t planning to speak, but the way things work here, they can ask you at anytime, even during the middle of the service.It just so happened that I had been up all night the night before studying about Biblical tithing and giving. So feeling that God had arranged this, I said sure I’ll speak today. So I spoke what God had laid on my heart. The main pastor wasn’t there that day, but it didn’t take long for him to hear what I had taught about since it was much different than the usual message. One leader came up to me after the service and even told me not to worry teaching this because it was a part of the culture and has been taught for a long time.

A week or two had passed and the main leader was there. He is a very influential person in his village and is even apart of the government now as a representative of his ward. He was speaking that day. He read about the birth of Jesus but then didn’t say one thing else about it in his message. In fact, he just began speaking against everything that I had spoke about previously. He went on to tell his church that ,”everyone should be living in nice houses, driving nice cars, and wearing nice clothes, that the kingdom of God must be shown on earth.” He went on making all kinds of promises that everyone in his church would be living in permanent houses (most live in mud houses) and the roads would be paved, and so on, as long as the kept dishing their money into the offering plate, God would bless them in return. But, that wasn’t truth. The whole time I wanted to stand up and shout show me in scripture but I stayed quiet. After he was finished he just walked out. He didn’t pray or fellowship afterwards. He just went home. I felt like I needed to talk with him, so I followed him. I just wanted to know where he was getting these teachings and wanted him to show me in the Word where it said all this, but he refused. He was telling someone to take me out of the house because of what might happen. He said I was about to start a war where there would be blood shed. He said my teachings needed a different church, that I should go start my own, but not in his area. He told me he would show me a place. But I told him if God tells me to start a church I’ll start it where he leads me. By now the pastor was furious.

At the time we were training a few of his leaders from that church. He called them to the house and told them they either quit coming to training or they are no longer apart of the church. I told him for the sake of unity Jenni and I will no longer be coming to the church. We would leave peacefully. Eventually, after prayer and encouragement, Willis agreed and decided to pull the kids out and we started the children’s ministry on Sundays at the orphage.

I said all that to say this. God is Good. For the longest time I’ve felt the need to go back to this pastor. I didn’t know what I would say. But, on Sunday at the seminar, the unexpected happened. He showed up. We he showed up, I didn’t know what to expect. Some of his leaders had been at the seminar. So, I wasn’t sure what he was going to say or do.I didn’t know if he would make his men leave, or have something to say to me. Culturally he was going to have to come up front to say something, because he is an “important person” in the community. That day I spoke about discipleship. He spoke afterwards and to my surprise he agreed and even said our focus should be on Christ rather than materials. I was speechless. This could not be the same man that threatened my life. He then said he wanted to start discipleship classes in his church, and he was going to contact me about helping. After the meeting I went and spoke with him. I wasn’t sure if he was serious or just talking. When I went to him alone, he again said he wanted to do so. So I told him we would meet and discuss the plan. What a mighty God we serve!

Pray that he is sincere. Pray for God’s will to be done. And that there will be change in the hearts of those in that church. We are not sure when or if we will start this, but just seeing the difference in him since the last time we met is amazing. We have seen each other twice in town over the last two years. Both times he shook my hand but nothing else. That Sunday we shook hands and talked and he even reached out to me about discipleship in front of the whole community! God is great! This could mean so much for this community.

SS3Our kids leading worship at the seminar

SSGeophery and Willis worshiping and dancing

Home Visit
One last thing. We are coming to the states Sept 22- Dec 3. A big thanks to our families who have worked together to bring our little crew home for 10 weeks! We feel so blessed and loved that they would bring us all home for a visit! I mean we secretly know its mostly so they can see the babies, but we are excited to see everyone too, and we can have some time of rest. Anyways, We have some dates open if you would like us to come speak at your church, Sunday School, small group, etc. Below are the Sundays we have available.

18th PM service
1st pm service
8th am or pm
15th am or pm
22nd am or pm
29th am or pm

Also Wednesdays work for us if we are in town. Or if you have a group that meets throughout the week, we would be happy to come there as well. Also, we would love to just get together with YOU and hang out, fellowship, and just spend some time together. So let us know!

Thank you again who financially give towards this ministry and more importantly pray for us. Please pray that God gives Jenni and I Godly wisdom on things that are soon to come. God Bless!

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  1. Rebekahm

    God is good! I know how this had troubled you over the years and during your ministry… Praying God works throughout all! Love you guys praying for you!

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