almost Christmas πŸŽ„

first, sorry for being terrible at updating the blog! I usually just post on facebook and forget about the blog! But in case you’ve missed Facebook or the email news letters, we are still here in the USA! We were supposed to be leaving for Kenya December 3, but I (Jenni) came down with pnumonia about that time and had to delay. Two weeks later Tim’s grandmother passed away. She’d been sick for three months with multiple things, and here body just wore out. We are thankful we were here to be with family during this time. Now we are here at Christmas time. And we have rebooked our flights for January 9th. We are sad to miss Christmas with the kids at united hope, but we’ll celebrate and do gifts when we get back! Thank you to our home church New Hope for providing Christmas money for the past several years! We’ve already sent money for a Christmas feast and stocking stuffers, and we’ll do the rest in January. Meanwhile, Willis and Geoffrey will make it a wonderful time and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone! You are so loved!

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