Continuing in kenya / YouTube

We’ve been back in kenya for about a month now. Things were crazy at first.  We moved apartments the the first few days, then had construction going on inside for the next week or two. And we’ve finally settled back in and getting back into ministry!

Weekends at the orphanage and a few week days are pastor/leadership/anybody who wants to learn trainings!  And also unexpected things that pop up…

We finally had our very belated Christmas party today with the kids !

Keelyn started school here in Kenya!

Roaches are really bad in our new apartment.

Electricity goes out about every day.

I love being back in Kenya.  Seriously.  Even after hard days.

Pray for us to have the Lords eyes and hear His voice guiding us, especially on hard days, and we get fed up and want to hide. And someone outside is knocking. We need his strength.

But God is so good. I love his hugs. And His word.

If you want to keep up with us more, Tim has started a YouTube channel. He’s been posting like everyday. I don’t know how to properly link stuff.  But I think this might work.

Thanks for all your love and support!






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