Home sweet home

(This is a snail mail update that will be arriving in your mailbox soon! In case you miss it, here it is again)

Home sweet home…. Where is that again?

Catch Up

If you read our email newsletters, this will be old news to you. We realize we have many friends and family that don’t keep up with our journey online, so we are sorry for just now getting this newsletter out in snail mail fashion. Life has been a whirl wind the last several months. Early in the year, we found out about an issue with a staff member which then led us on a prayer journey of seeking the truth in many situations, and God answered those prayers. God uncovered some issues in the children’s home and with the director. Things were not as they seemed. We knew things could never continue the same way they had. We tried to work out different plans to continue the partnership, but the director wasn’t regretful or sorry for the matters discovered over the last 5 years, nor was he willing to let us partner with the children’s department to work out some issues. So our partnership with the children’s home has ceased.

Back to Tennessee

We unexpectedly made a trip home to Tennessee in June after receiving some threats and after minis13427810_10209560289074469_4701499922144936133_ntry came to a halt. We have prayed earnestly the last 5 months about where God was leading us next. Rather it be he opened a new door in Kenya for ministry or send us elsewhere. But we strongly felt God just saying “look to me and sit at my feet.” We feel that we need to switch gears to focus on being more Mary minded over being Martha minded. (Luke 10:38-42). Of course we still desire to serve and walk out our faith, but this is the chapter we are walking into for now.

Leaving Kenya
We went back to Kenya for 10 days recently and sold all of our stuff. So we are now officially Tennesseeans again. It was such a bitter sweet time. We were able to see some very dear friends and fellowship and say goodbye. However, we were not able to say bbb.pnggoodbye to the kids at the children’s home. The boys remained in the states with family while we went to settle things in Kenya. Prayers are appreciated for transitions, especially for Keelyn who misses Kenya so much.

Next Chapter

We are now back home in Tennessee and enjoying being close to family. Jenni starts a new nursing job this week, Keelyn has started preschool, and Tim hopes to get back into teaching soon. We still so much desire to do missions and ministry, but we know that for now, God is just mending us and remolding us. This has been such a precious time with the Lord recently, just gaining comfort from Him and learning more than ever to lean on Him and believe in His sovereignty and plan.

We are so thankful for how you have partnered with us on this journey this far! As we are home and getting employment, we no longer will be needing donations. If you have a recurring donation, please contact the WIM office about discontinuing.(830) 629-0863. We love and appreciate you so much!

Until next time,

Tim and Jenni

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