Home sweet home

(This is a snail mail update that will be arriving in your mailbox soon! In case you miss it, here it is again)

Home sweet home…. Where is that again?

Catch Up

If you read our email newsletters, this will be old news to you. We realize we have many friends and family that don’t keep up with our journey online, so we are sorry for just now getting this newsletter out in snail mail fashion. Life has been a whirl wind the last several months. Early in the year, we found out about an issue with a staff member which then led us on a prayer journey of seeking the truth in many situations, and God answered those prayers. God uncovered some issues in the children’s home and with the director. Things were not as they seemed. We knew things could never continue the same way they had. We tried to work out different plans to continue the partnership, but the director wasn’t regretful or sorry for the matters discovered over the last 5 years, nor was he willing to let us partner with the children’s department to work out some issues. So our partnership with the children’s home has ceased.

Back to Tennessee

We unexpectedly made a trip home to Tennessee in June after receiving some threats and after minis13427810_10209560289074469_4701499922144936133_ntry came to a halt. We have prayed earnestly the last 5 months about where God was leading us next. Rather it be he opened a new door in Kenya for ministry or send us elsewhere. But we strongly felt God just saying “look to me and sit at my feet.” We feel that we need to switch gears to focus on being more Mary minded over being Martha minded. (Luke 10:38-42). Of course we still desire to serve and walk out our faith, but this is the chapter we are walking into for now.

Leaving Kenya
We went back to Kenya for 10 days recently and sold all of our stuff. So we are now officially Tennesseeans again. It was such a bitter sweet time. We were able to see some very dear friends and fellowship and say goodbye. However, we were not able to say bbb.pnggoodbye to the kids at the children’s home. The boys remained in the states with family while we went to settle things in Kenya. Prayers are appreciated for transitions, especially for Keelyn who misses Kenya so much.

Next Chapter

We are now back home in Tennessee and enjoying being close to family. Jenni starts a new nursing job this week, Keelyn has started preschool, and Tim hopes to get back into teaching soon. We still so much desire to do missions and ministry, but we know that for now, God is just mending us and remolding us. This has been such a precious time with the Lord recently, just gaining comfort from Him and learning more than ever to lean on Him and believe in His sovereignty and plan.

We are so thankful for how you have partnered with us on this journey this far! As we are home and getting employment, we no longer will be needing donations. If you have a recurring donation, please contact the WIM office about discontinuing.(830) 629-0863. We love and appreciate you so much!

Until next time,

Tim and Jenni

A new direction

In our last post, we mentioned that we hoped that april showers would bring may flowers. But that didn’t happen. May and June only brought more downpour. But we are believing and trusting in God’s sovereignty and waiting to see what’s next.

There’s been a mass email newsletter sent out a week or two ago, so I am sure many of you that may read this blog already know what has happened. And so I won’t go into details on here.

We are no longer working with United Hope International children’s home (some of you may know it as Uhi or Uhio) nor the director Willis Atieno Auko.

We are currently in the US, and thinking and praying about what is next for us. For three weeks we’ve been aback, we’ve been brainstorming and praying and as of yet, we don’t feel pulled or lead in any direction. There’s opportunities for us to minister in Kenya, but we don’t want to do anything unless we know for sure that is where God is leading us. We feel that instead of focusing on what’s next, that we just need to focus on adoring God, and taking time to refresh in Him and in our personal relationships with Him.

We have return flights booked for Kenya in a couple of months. However, we don’t know what that purpose is for yet. Rather with new ministry vision or to sell our stuff and move elsewhere. We still have a deep desire to do missions or ministry wherever we are.

We are grateful for any prayers you pray  on our behalf.

April Showers

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Where to begin? Let start of by saying God is GOOD and Always Faithful! It has been rough month of April that has spilled over to May. We’ve battled with sickness, car problems, electricity problems, and the biggest… ministry problems. The saying goes “April showers brings May flowers.” Here’s to hoping that’s true!

Let’s begin there. We have some sad news to report. We had to release Geophrey from his duties in the ministry. I can’t say for how long or if he will be able to join us again one day. Geophrey is one of my (Tim) only friends in Kenya. He is like a brother to me. He fell into a sin and we will work to restore him. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Also please do not try to judge him or investigate what happened, but rather pray and encourage him. I know many of you are friends on Facebook with him. Feel free to say you are praying for him. I know he will appreciate it. Remember 1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” All of us are capable of falling. Many of us have fallen, but God is faithful and willing to forgive us. Pray as Geoprhey is fully restored!

As far as discipleship classes, they are still going strong. I know the news to them about Geophrey is sad to them, but I know they will join us in prayer. Theses are three of the best groups we have had so far. Pray the remain faithful and that they will begin to disciple others. 

As you can see we have started the second floor of the dorms for the kids. We have exciting news! We plan to add toilets!!!!! If you have visited here before, you know how exciting that truly is. When the top is finished, the girls will move to the top and the boys will remain below. We will soon write a newsletter regarding the building soon.


Also, check out our YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/c/timandjennisjourney

Speaking of YouTube; We try to upload as much updates as possible on our channel. So, if you have not heard from us in a while, check out what’s going on in our videos. We will continue to write these newsletters, but if you want to see our day to day life check it out on YouTube!

Prayer Request-
1. Keelyn’s Health  (He is sick again with a high fever.)
2. Vehicle’s Health
3. Geophrey and his family
4. Discipleship classes
5. Building progress and funds

In Christ,
Tim and Jenni

Continuing in kenya / YouTube

We’ve been back in kenya for about a month now. Things were crazy at first.  We moved apartments the the first few days, then had construction going on inside for the next week or two. And we’ve finally settled back in and getting back into ministry!

Weekends at the orphanage and a few week days are pastor/leadership/anybody who wants to learn trainings!  And also unexpected things that pop up…

We finally had our very belated Christmas party today with the kids !

Keelyn started school here in Kenya!

Roaches are really bad in our new apartment.

Electricity goes out about every day.

I love being back in Kenya.  Seriously.  Even after hard days.

Pray for us to have the Lords eyes and hear His voice guiding us, especially on hard days, and we get fed up and want to hide. And someone outside is knocking. We need his strength.

But God is so good. I love his hugs. And His word.

If you want to keep up with us more, Tim has started a YouTube channel. He’s been posting like everyday. I don’t know how to properly link stuff.  But I think this might work.


Thanks for all your love and support!