Our Organization


We joined with WIM (World Indigenous Missions) in January 2012. Check out their website HERE.

From the WIM website

Since its ori­gin among the indige­nous peo­ples of Mexico in 1981, World Indigenous Missions has sent ordi­nary peo­ple around the world for one pur­pose: to dis­ci­ple the nations to reach the world. “Indigenous” is a big word with a sim­ple def­i­n­i­tion. It means home­grown or exist­ing nat­u­rally in its own area. When it comes to cross-cultural min­istry, we believe this means equip­ping local work­ers to influ­ence their own peo­ple with God’s love and truth.

The face of mis­sions has changed dras­ti­cally over the past cen­tury. Today, it can resem­ble any­thing from lead­ing wor­ship to teach­ing English. It can be plant­ing churches, car­ing for orphans, con­duct­ing “busi­ness as mis­sion,” devel­op­ing cre­ative media or train­ing lead­ers. Whether you’ve got two weeks or twenty years, WIM will equip you to obey the Great Commission. We com­pre­hen­sively train mis­sion­ar­ies with three goals in mind:

EVANGELIZE the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ
ESTABLISH indige­nous churches where there are none
EQUIP and serve lead­ers